Mise en Place

Everything in its place

It’s starting to come together (at last)!  Most of the appliances arrived this week, cabinets are being installed.  The electrician is here now (Sunday morning) to change out the electrical panel, and the ovens arrive tomorrow.

Things I am excited about:  That wall of cabinets is more storage than I had total in the old kitchen, the garbage and recycling will now be hidden away.  They miscounted the handles - I need 41, not 35!!  Six more places to put things.

Also, made a really good pizza in a cast iron pan on the grill with Ghost Pepperoni from Underground Meats.  Not as spicy as I feared.  I may miss making pizza on the grill (not really).

Edit:  That is not the countertop, it is an old door that we are using as a counter until the grate arrives.

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